News and events » 17, 04, 2012

Armenian Human Rights Defender meets representatives of political forces

YEREVAN. – Armenian Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan continues his meetings with the leaders of political forces participating in the parliamentary elections scheduled on May 6, 2012.

As the press service of the Human Rights Defender informs, on Tuesday Karen Andreasyan met the leaders of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) and United Armenian’s election headquarters. During the meetings the Human Rights Defender’s involvement in the upcoming elections was discussed.

United Armenians Party pointed out the issue of the ruling forces using their administrative resources.

The representative of PAP was satisfied with the pre-election procedures and did not mention any complaints except a few mistakes in the election lists.

Armenia’s Ruling Republican Party and Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law) have not responded to the Human Right Defender’s invitation for a meeting yet.

On Wednesday the Human Rights Defender will meet the representative of opposition Armenian National Congress.

Eight political parties and one block have presented their nominations – Republican Party of Armenian, Prosperous Armenia Party, Orinats Yerkir, opposition Armenian National Congress, opposition Heritage Party, ARF Dashnaktsutyun, the Communist Party of Armenia, Democratic Party of Armenia and United Armenians Party.

For entering the National Assembly, parties must poll over 5% of votes, while blocks - over 7%.

The election campaign will be held till May 5 - the day prior to elections when campaigning is banned. The parliamentary elections will be held from 8 am to 8 pm on May 6, 2012.