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Ruben Avagyan was born in 1943, August, 13 in Krasnodar region of Russia. His parents were orphaned (after 1915 Genocide) refugees from Erzerum (Karin).

In 1965 Ruben Avagyan graduated from Camishinsk military command technical high school with honors and the Electro-engineering Communications Institute in Tashkent. He took one year courses at the Military Academy in Moscow and was posted to Cosmodrome Baikonure, a center of strategic military importance (1966-1972).

In 1980 he graduated from the USSR Academy of Interior Troops with honors.

In 1981 he received the degree of candidate of technical sciences and 1991 the doctoral degree in law.

In 1973-2000 he worked in law enforcement bodies, two of which he served (1993-1995) at the Ministry of National Defense. There he was entrusted to form the department of legal and external affairs. He had the same assignment serving at the Ministry of National Security afterwards. At the same time Ruben Avagyan did his best for the development of the legal bases of Armenian national army, as well as assisted the liberation struggle in Karabakh.

In 2000 he retired and was awarded with inscribed personal weapon for particular merits.

He is an author of more than seventy scientific works, in particular the "Memorials of Armenian law", "The Treasure house of Armenian legal thought" (in 2 volums); "Legal Thought of Grigor Zograb and Grigor Chubaryan", "Armenian Legal Thought Sources" (2008), etc. Proffesor Avagyan combines his scientific activity with social, political, organizational and pedagogical ones.

1997-2007 he has been the vice principal of Yerevan branch of Moscow New Juridical Institute, since 2002 the principal of Yerevan "Mants" University.

Since 2000, August he is the Chairman of the Council of "The United Armenians" party, which is doing its best for the restoration of the Zvartnots Temple, the masterpiece of Armenian architecture, created on the project basis of a well - known Armenian Architect Toros Toramanyan.

Ruben Avagyan is married, with two children.