Admission to the Preparatory Department

Preparatory Department

Period of instruction – September 1, -May 31, annually. Tuition fee ( based on contract) – up to RA 50.000 dram (up to RA 25.000 dram – on the recommendation of the Council of Headmasters or of the professional schools of Yerevan University , free of charge – for applicants whose parents died protecting the frontier of RA.11-form the pupils ...

Admission to the Department of Economics

Department of Economics

Specializations: finance and economics of Business managementPeriod of instruction: bachelors – 4 years (tuition – RA 200.000 dram per year), magistracy for Economic Department - 2 years (classroom tuition) and 2.5 years (correspondece tuition), fee is up to 200.000 dram.Entrance examinations in Armenian, Mathematics and a Foreingn Langua ...

Admission to the Department of Law

Department of Law

Period of instruction: classroom tuition – bachelors 4-years and 2 years of magistracy, correspondence tuition – (bachelor) 5 years on the basis of secondary education, 4 years on the basis of higher education, magistracy - 2.5 years.Tuition fee: classroom tuition-up to RA 300.000 dram per for magistracy – RA 350.000 dram per year, correspo ...