Admission to the Department of Law

Department of Law
  • Period of instruction: classroom tuition – bachelors 4-years and 2 years of magistracy, correspondence tuition – (bachelor) 5 years on the basis of secondary education, 4 years on the basis of higher education, magistracy – 2.5 years.
  • Tuition fee: classroom tuition-up to RA 300.000 dram per for magistracy – RA 350.000 dram per year, correspondence tuition-up to RA 300.000 dram per year.
  • The following specializations are provided:
    International Law: embassy (ambassadorial) and consular law, human rights, international law collaboration, legal status of international organizations, international economic law, territory in international law, etc.
    Civil Law: tax law, bank law, hereditary law, social-legal security, housing law, etc.
    Criminal Law: operative-investigational activity, advocacy, crimes in economic sphere, investigational methodology of crimes and methods of crime investigation, judicial psychiatry, etc.
    1. Entrance examinations begin in July, August, September.
    2. Entrance examinations for classroom tuition: bachelors – Armenian; dictation and History of Armenia and a Foreingn Language
    3. Entrance examinations for correspondence tuition: bachelors – Armenian (test) – on the bases of secondary tuition; Armenian (test) – Interview – on the basis of higher education
    4. Entrance examinations for classroom and correspondence tuition: magistracy – interview.